Why KServeHRMS

The best Employee Self Service centric integrated HRMS

We give a lot of emphasis on employee self service, since we have seen that the highest ROI in HRMS implementations occur when employees start using the system directly, saving considerable amount of time and costs for the organizations. While we have a strong backbone, the emphasis on the self service features ensures that employees gain from it immediately.

Functionality of tier 1 products made affordable for smaller organizations

A look at the features indicate the comprehensiveness and integrated nature of the modules. Such functionality and scalability were earlier available only in Tier 1 global products. KServeHRMS makes this affordable for smaller organizations to get the best of both worlds.

Time to benefit much faster due to implementation tools

We provide a number of implementation and upload tools so that your time to implement and benefit is faster. Utilities for loading employee data, leave & attendance data, approval workflow routings via spreadsheet based templates enable you to rapidly complete the implementation process.

Easy to use and understand

HRMS products are comprehensive and often have more than 300 screens worth of functionality. Usability is achieved in KServeHRMS via consistenly. Learn how to use a typical transaction and a typical view, and afterwards all processes are similar and intuitive. We have taken great care in ensuring consistency across the product and hence self learning is relatively easy. The role based configuration also ensures that one role has to see only a few screens and has very little to learn to perform operations.

Proven and reliable product, leveraging later generation technologies

KServeHRMS is proven, reliable and rugged, having been in the market since 2006. In addition you get the benefit of it being contemporary. It was designed for the web, the cloud, and using model based techniques enabling scalability and a long life, even through changes that are required.

Configurable for international and complex situations

Compliance to rules and laws of a country requires the software to be proven in a large number of situations. KServeHRMS has been in the market since 2006 and hence over the years we have ruggedized the product to handle various compliance conditions needed, as well as ensure accuracy in the process.