While executing projects for customers, online entry of timesheets and aggregating the work details at various levels not only ensures productivity of employees, alignment of their work to the project goals, but also helps in tracking project margins, progress and speed of billing of time related services. With employee self service and approval features, the employee timesheet entry and approval process becomes even faster.

Project Tracking and Timesheets consists of the following capabilities:

Project related definitions Define Projects and Work orders assigned. Task types and periods for timesheets are also defined.
Project Assignments Employees are assigned to projects and to supervisors who verify the timesheets.
Employee Timesheets Employees can enter timesheets at a daily level or at a summary level. Task or activity level classification of work can also be done. Timesheets can be entered online by employees.
Aggregation Timesheet values can be aggregated for a period or for a project. One can determine completion progress of milestones, work orders and also effort put in against the budget.
Reporting Reporting of these aggregations enables one to get effort and related reports from various perspectives and these can be used for project billing, progress tracking, employee and team capability tracking.