This Product Area enables Leave Management related processes online - for employees, supervisors and HR. This saves considerable amount of time for all concerned directly improving productivity of the workforce. In addition, it brings transparency and accuracy in the entire leave process. It also reduces the period end stress in ensuring that the leave policy and time policy defined are followed during leave processing.

This product area has the following key components.

Leave Self Service Employees can apply for leave online, supervisors can approve them, and the leave records are automatically updated. Leave applications, cancellations, rejections, clarifications, regularization and permissions are some of the variations of the core processes that can be achieved.
Leave Policy is applied via leave types, eligibility and applicability criteria, crediting rules etc. can be configured for almost any situation.
Exceptions are automatically classified, and these can be regularized either by the employee and supervisor between themselves or by HR as a period end clear process.
Mobile Employee Portal (IoS& Android) The employee portal portion of the application is available as a native mobile application which can be downloaded from the respective stores of iOS (Apple) and Android (Google). A suitable company code and user code will be provided to each employee using the application
Work Analytics Key metrics at the employee day level, as well as the period level are available for analytics. This includes operational factors like late coming, early leaving, leave taken, overtime, worked hours and leave balances. The information can be used to obtain insights for further productivity improvements, as well as to automatically determine some pay elements connected to these work indicators e.g. overtime. A number of leave reports are also available.
Shift Management Define Shifts, Timings and schedule shifts for employees via a graphical and spreadsheet sheet based utilities