Absence Management and Biometric Integration is an essential part of any Attendance Management software since it ensure that the attendance process complies with the attendance policies that are relevant to the organization.

Attendance data can be obtained either by uploading it, providing a check-in/ out option or by integrating with biometric devices. The data is processed as per the attendance policies of the organization to determine the initial day status for the employee for each day. This reduces effort on processing, improves accuracy and reduces the time to complete the process drastically.

Attendance Policies related to shift timings, working hours, late coming or overtime are configured either as regular shifts or multiple shifts. Shift allocation can be loaded and modified multiple times prior to the actual date.

Raw attendance can come in either from biometric devices or from check- in/ out features provided. Biometric devices can be integrated either by extracting data directly from the biometric device data base or from the text files which have the values.

Based on the policies the values applicable to the employee are processed automatically, determining values like late, absent hours, early leaving, early hours, overtime and day classification into half/ full/ short present.

Leave & Attendance Regularization – Enable clearance of different types of exceptions on attendance (e.g. Single Punch) by HR in bulk, or between employee and supervisor via employee self service – with decision support.