Your company has automated payroll, and employees’ check-in and out using a biometric device. Yet every month, a lot of manual work is done to determine leave balances and work-related pay items. This is a very common problem. The symptoms are visible, and its impact is very frustrating

  • At the end of the month HR/ payroll executives are working late nights reconciling things
  • They frantically send messages to employees and their supervisors to determine exact leave and attendance values for missing days
  • Payroll is delayed or mistakes leading to arrears are common, the root cause for which is related to leave/ attendance data not available
  • Your HR team is locked in mundane activities for half the month and are unable to contribute on truly value adding activities
  • Disputes occur between employees and HR on absence/ presence, especially in areas involving work related pay
  • The actual values on attendance are suspect and hence any form of analysis on employee work are not actionable

HRMS/ IS software is considered the answer, but you will be surprised that often, even with such a software the above problems don’t go away. You need something else …

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Automated HR systems add to the complexity of reconciliation. because they introduce new forms of recording attendance in the form of self service check in and out, mobile check in, and self service leave requests and approval.

To truly cover this yawning gap, what you need is a software that covers all forms of capturing and approving presence and leave, combined with an automated reconciliation system. This system should intelligently identify the variations and exceptions between biometric data that are deviant from normal policies of attendance, leave, shift and holidays. It then makes these exceptions available to employees and supervisors to update them via a self-service easy to use adjusting system. Once done the leave and attendance data is 100% accurate and usable for statutory reporting and more importantly to take decisions on how to improve productivity.

KServeHRMS has the above capability. In case you already have a HRMS system, you can still implement KServeHRMS – PrESSence plan additionally, and can be integrated your HR system to solve the above problem. Visit to know more , and if you are looking for the PrESSence plan visit

When you get accurate data, you can graduate to the next level of automation – get accurate data and trends which are actionable and insightful. Information on indicators like worked hours, leave days, overtime hours, late coming etc. which can be sliced by Department, Location, Division, Shift or Grade can be powerful, and enable you to make immediate decisions that will improve productivity.

KServeHRMS and PrESSence includes Work Analytics as a part of the product, and one can get surprisingly new and actionable insights based on this data. Expect upto 5% increase in work productivity from employees and free some of your locked HR resources for more value-added activities - when you implement the Workforce Management solution from KServeHRMS.