Payroll Software

Highly configurable payroll system enables you the power of flexibility to setup your own rules, and handle changing situations over the years.

KServeHRMS payroll software is integrated to the employee life cycle management modules and covers all types of normal and special pay components/ deductions like income taxes, professional taxes, social security schemes, benefits and variable pay elements

Payroll Software Features

Comprehensive Payroll Software with flexible elements

Configurable salary structure for each payroll

Automated payroll inputs and payslips

Automatically generate payroll reports – MIS and statutory

Payroll Software Benefits

Reduce time to process payroll every month

Improve the accuracy of payroll

Lower effort to process payroll

Scale up to process the payroll of more employees easily

KServeHRMS Best payroll software for small business

KServeHRMS is the best payroll software for small businesses given the ease in which it can be configured and processed. The payroll process in KServeHRMS seamlessly integrates with leave management system and attendance management system makes the job easier for payroll system professionals ensuring 100% accuracy, huge time savings and highly satisfied employees.

Automate your payroll now!