You have invested in a biometric system with software. Yet your leave, attendance and time accounting processes are manual, stressful and often inaccurate.

This is primarily because the software that comes with the biometric system have the basics to extract out the time punches of employees, and some reports, but nowhere near the capability to needed to automate leave and attendance fully.

That’s where a leave/ attendance (now being known as Presence Management) system comes in. Here are some inadequacies of biometric software that will be provided for in a good Presence Management Software like KServehrms...

  • Your attendance and leave policies cannot be stored in the system and if they cannot be stored, the data the values cannot be auto-processed
  • The actions to be done in the case of exceptions (e.g. No punch for the day, or checkout without check in) are not provided. Such exceptions are fairly common and reaches a big number every month (e.g. for a 100 employees company with 22 working days in a month and 10% exception entries there are 220 exceptions) to be cleared before the policies themselves are applied. These are the prime source of manual effort, inaccuracies and delays.
  • When 10% of the data is an exception, all the analysis reports that come out from time and attendance are suspect. When exceptions are reconciled the time data is accurate allowing decisions to be taken related to productivity and incentives
  • With the availability of employee self-service and the mobile, employees are expecting the ability to view, request corrections and view balances on their own devices or their employee portal in the organization. Presence Management software provides this and much more via Employee Portals.
  • It is very difficult to get one biometric vendor to be the provider for all your locations and entry/ exit points. Hence data will be disparate and difficult to retrieve and then account for. Presence Management software will integrate with the output of different devices to provide the consolidated picture and co-ordinate across all these sources

Even HRIS products may not provide all these features. A dedicated Presence Management system is vital even if you have invested in HRIS/ Payroll. At KServeHRMS our PrESSence management plan will do all of the above plus more. If you already have a HRIS/ Biometric system we can still implement KServeHRMS PrESSence and integrate with existing systems. If you don’t have a HRIS, you can by our full plan which combines HRIS and PrESSence capabilities.

Don’t just solve the stress/ manual pain that you have – turn into a plus by fixing it so that improving employee productivity is improved quickly.

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