The HR Executive to Employee ratio is a common measure that is discussed among HR practitioners, since it broadly indicates the administrative efficiency of the HR function. Ratios vary from 15 per employee to even 600 per employee in larger will automated HR organizations.

    What do these numbers indicate?

    Where does your organization stand?

    How can one improve this ratio?

HR executives have limitations on the number of employees they can serve given the myriad administrative, learning and development needs requiring time and attention. Without automation the numbers can be very limited. Usage of spreadsheets and other individual software helps but these have limited power. Ratios in such environments rarely cross 50 or 100.

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The biggest multiplier comes with Employee Self Service or Portal based services. When employees avail of services like leave, claims, and updating personal details, they save HR executives time. When supervisors approve without HR intervention and when policies like leave, and time are automatically applied, the ability of HR to serve more employees exponentially increases.

The more the self-service functions available in the portal, the more this efficiency becomes. Employee appraisals, leave reconciliation and compensatory off approval are typical additional functions that are present in superior products like ‘KServe PrESSence’ and ‘KServe HRMS’.

Once the number of employees cross the 100 mark it's worth investing into such self-service centric HR products so that efficiencies continues to stay high without compromising on employee satisfaction and responsiveness.