You are an SME and you feel the need to automate HR. Payroll may be automated but the real need for automation need in in areas like time and attendance, leave, employee life cycle management, performance appraisals and recruiting. At that point, you start evaluating and see typically three options.

a. Global products that have a good brand, but are very expensive

b. Full suite Indian providers with a wide price range and different plans

c. Modular products from tiny companies which seem to do one point job

Which do you choose?

At first glance you will be given strong recommendations for the foreign product. The brand is good, the functionality is deep, your resume will look good once implemented and it will seem like nothing will go wrong from the product from since it’s a well known company. Then comes the catch. You dig deeper and find out how expensive it is for now, and how expensive it is as you add employees, add functionality, get consulting and get maintenance year on year. Even the cloud version is very expensive. To add to that you find out that Indian statutory laws may not be covered. You ask for changes to some unique processes that your organization follows and you will get a difficult to comprehend response. You will be forced to change your well established processes in the guise of ‘best practices’. You will be forced to deploy it in a particular way (e.g. cloud). You will have to work with a partner and are forced to depend on their capability.

You start calling the Indian full suite vendors. If you put the criteria that it should have a full suite, should be web and mobile ready, should have been around for at least 8 years from a maturity perspective, should have good references and should have a good UI - the number of options become fewer. is one that will popup meeting the criteria. You call them and you are pleasantly surprised. Not only do they meet the criteria mentioned, but are compliant to Indian laws, have global best practices, have proven quality but are also affordable. The orientation towards adaptation to your unique processes and policies are flexible – yet they will ensure that the product is not compromised. You find that they have their own teams deploying the product and they know the stuff well. You find out that they have global customers too in their own right. You see them giving you options to deploy the entire suite in a phased manner. You wonder why many companies have chosen the Foreign product route over the Indian one. Probably due to a drop shipment from the global parent, or a quick evaluation that did not go as deep as you did.

You then get representations from single module vendors. Depth of functionality in that module is very good, but a full suite with integration is vital – otherwise every time you add, remove or transfer an employee you have to update all the individual systems. May be good for one time use, but in the longer run you need an integrated suite.

Avoid all the evaluation circles and do what is best for your organization – call the Indian full suite vendors, or even call and feel the difference.

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