You have invested in a biometric system. You have a HR and payroll Software, yet managing leave is difficult, chaotic and inaccurate. Your leave finalization team is finalizing things on paper or spreadsheets. Information comes to them at the end of the month and they take judgemental decisions because its too difficult to consult the employee and supervisor on what actually happened in short timeframes. They apply time, leave, holiday and other pay related policies on the data manually without full information. The net result is stress, delays and disputes between employees and HR.

And later on when information is needed on hours worked, late or early leaving and other important operational information on workforce productivity, the answer is – very difficult to get. Net result, no insights into employee behaviour and hence no actions which ultimately leads to deteriorating productivity.


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Workforce Presence and Engagement Management is here to solve this. You need it even if you have a Payroll and Biometric System. And KServeHRMS specializes in providing immediate results once implemented

Features Conventional Presence/ Engagement Management from KServeHRMS
Attendance Data Gaps Manual Alerted to HR/ Employee/ Supervisor for self service correction
Time Policy Application Manual Automatic
Leave Eligibility Application Manual Automatic
Leave Carry Forward Processing Manual Automatic
Time based pay (e.g. Overtime) Manual Automatic
Employee Leave Requests Manual Via Portal/ Mobile Self Service Workflow
Supervisor Approvals Manual Via Portal/ Mobile Self Service Workflow
Cancellations/ On Duty Adjustments Manual Automatic
Leave Balance Processing Manual Automatic
Time Analysis Manual Automatic
Leave Analysis Manual Automatic
Productivity Indicator Analysis Manual Automatic

The net result is usually productivity improvements of 3 to 5% for employees, and significant reduction of repetitive month end effort by HR/ Accounts