Sumit Khanna, Head of HR of ABC Corp. was traveling today. MBA recruitment at a top business school meant a whole day away from office. His car to the airport would take 45 minutes. A quick connect to the network, and a rapid scan of his emails got him satisfied that there was no emergency. Normally he would shut down, but given that KServeHRMS mobile was a click away, and easy to use, he decided that he could get some work done. Nice to have alerts popping up he thought as he scanned through the applications dashboard.

Two of his subordinates wanted leave. He approved one and asked a clarification on another. 3 of his subordinates wanted some claims to be approved. A few clicks and that was done. An alert indicated that increments and promotions were pending for approval, and he went ahead, reviewed and then approved it. He suddenly remembered his VP Marketing urging him to complete the recruitment of the new sales team as soon as possible. He checked how many of the offers already made this month and how many actually joined. One or two of those positions are crucial he thought and dived into the details and was happy to see that one key recruit had joined. However the Area Sales Manager had not yet joined even though he was supposed to join two days back. This needs a call he thought and he asked his executive to expedite the matter.

He checked and learnt that his flight was delayed and so checked into the business lounge. Well he thought, a good time to review if the interns selected last year could be confirmed. The system indicated that the confirmation requests for 4 of the interns had come in, and he needed to approve it. He clicked in and spent some quality time for each, approved three and rejected one case. Done. It’s a good thing I’m not in the office or even at home, he thought to himself. There is no way he would have had the un-interrupted time as he had now while waiting in the lounge for the flight. No more alerts he thought, but time to do some introspection. He logged into the application using the browser and checked out the separations for the month and the reasons. Then opened the attrition report. There seemed to be some concentrated leaving in the customer service function, and all of them in the outbound call center. Something is wrong there, let me call up the manager and ask how he could help to stem the attrition. He then checked out his dashboard and noticed that the payroll costs had shot up by 12% in the Finance department in the last few months. Looks like it has overshot budget. He filtered the values to notice that one high profile hire had significantly increased they payroll payout. Looks fine he thought

Well, now its time to think of myself. His wife had reminded them of his 10th wedding anniversary on 24th. He switched role to become an employee and made a quick leave request transaction. He had not updated his previous trip and quickly filled that up. While doing that he noticed that his boss had approved his previous claim. Nice, he thought. He then opened his last payslip. Never quite checked out if the bonus paid at the end of last quarter appeared correctly on his payslip. Quick check and that was done.

The flight announcement happened and Sumit joined the queue smiling and thinking. Thanks to KServeHRMS mobile and web applications. Looks like I did much more than what I would have done had I been on my desk. Well that flight delay was actually a good thing! Well if it has helped me that much, it would have surely helped all our employees on the move, or at home. Did the KServeHRMS investment payoff? He did not even have to calculate anything. He knew it did – hands down.

Note:- this story is fictitious, but the capabilities are real and available in KServeHRMS.