Asha walked into office after a hard commute. Traffic was getting worse by the day, and work was beginning to look monotonous. Is it worth it for the pay and sacrifice she was making? Should she consider other options or even quitting. Not yet …

As soon as she sat on her desk and switched on her PC remembered that today was the day when the Employee Portal was being launched. There were notices as well as an email about it. Another HR gimmick she thought as her machine booted up. A pleasant looking page showed up. It looked like one of the news sites she was browsing at home. Interesting, she thought as she read the company news – A video of the CEO at a press release and another of another team taking a break at a nearby hill station. A couple of birthdays and anniversary, and hey it was her boss Anita’s birthday. She plucked up the courage to walk up to Anita and wish her. To her surprise Anita replied not just with the customary thank you, but with an invitation “Hey Asha, we’re having a small party during the lunch break, will be nice if you can join a few of us. We are also celebrating a few milestones our team has achieved, so do come”

Asha walked back to her desk. The office was becoming a fun place now. She read the note on the collaboration between the HR/ Administration function and the software product KServeHRMS to make this happen. Well, it looks like HR and Admin are getting things right.

Let me explore the Portal some more, she thought and started running through some really useful stuff. She checked her previous payslip and understood the exact breakup involved in terms of overtime, performance pay and allowances. Another link showed her leave balances. Nice, she thought, I have enough leave for my sister’s wedding next month. She saw a button with the option to apply for leave. Why not do it now itself so that the she could convince her boss to take a full week off. A few clicks and the application was done. Wow, does it automatically go to Anita without me having to chase up with her. Asha decided that it was time to get to her daily work, and made a mental note to check out the Portal in more detail later in the afternoon.

During the team lunch everyone was abuzz about the portal. “Cool, it’s a fun place and it saves us a lot of time” said most of the team . “I can do it whenever I want” said Ramesh the Consultant who was constantly away on customer visits. I don’t have to come all the way to this office to get things approved. Anita, the team head, mentally noted that it would certainly reduce the time wasted by her team in all these HR/ Administrative related activities.

Asha came back to her desk and checked out the portal further. A quick poll asked her what she felt about the company. She did not hold back and expressed her true feelings about the company. She laughed a bit while taking a trivia quiz and noted that almost all the tasks which one would have to chase up with HR and Admin were now available at the click of a button. No chasing up, no second guessing, no waiting. Good. The Portal team said that more features were coming. Nice, she thought, work is getting interesting once again, as she mentally dispensed with all her thoughts about leaving…

About three months later, Ravi the CEO looked at the attrition figures and commented to the Head of HR. “Am I reading this right!– the upward slide on attrition was now pointing downwards. Its definitely the Portal. No other employee engagement utility that the company had invested had achieved so much. A lot of side benefits in productivity and bottom line results too. The hard work that his team had put in along with Admin and the team from KServeHRMS has certainly paid off.

Disclaimer:- The above story is ficticious, but KServeHRMS software have features and past experiences making similar outcomes occur in organizations.