Income Tax

Configurable rules and Employee self-service enabled Income Tax management system.

Comprehensive and configurable Indian Income Tax calculation system is pre-integrated with payroll system. Option to define annual tax structure, Tax slabs, rebates every year so that you don’t have to worry about the tax rates every year. Employee self-service enabled IT declaration and IT workings report provides employees a transparent system and avoids ambiguity. Since employee submits the tax relief details directly in the system, it saves a lot of time for the Finance/HR. Monthly recommended TDS deductions can be modified for individual employee, if required.

Configurable Annual Tax Structure

Year-wise and gender wise Tax Slabs

Configurable Tax relief items and perquisites

Self Service Enabled IT Declaration

Employees can see IT calculations, ensures transparency

Employees can plan for tax relief investments based on projected tax

Pre-integrated with payroll module, ensures accurate TDS deduction

Applicable forms in India like Form 16, Form 12-BA and Form 24Q generation covered